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Criadas pela artista plastica Valeria Roncoli, Bella Zadore e uma colecao de 12 personagens para fazer voce pensar, rir e apreciar ser mulher. Explore o mundo de Bella percorra e obtenha dicas de onde ir, oque fazer e como manter sua beleza interior e exterior. Bella Zadore e uma propriedade de Valeria Roncoli Studio.

As garotas Bella Zadore

As garotas Bella Zadore
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quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

Lose the One-Date Blues

We’ve all been there.  You go on a date and it turns out spectacular.  The mood is set, the connection is there…Nicholas Sparks couldn’t have written a more touching love story.  But then…nothing!  Mr. Would-Be Perfect doesn’t call you again, that creep!  What gives?  Before you drive yourself crazy with second-guesses, take a chemistry lesson with the Dating Coach.

Romance goddess Ronnie Ann Ryan, knows a thing or two about chemistry.  Join her in our Dating with Ronnie section as she answers the age old question:  “Why wasn’t there a second date?”

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