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Criadas pela artista plastica Valeria Roncoli, Bella Zadore e uma colecao de 12 personagens para fazer voce pensar, rir e apreciar ser mulher. Explore o mundo de Bella percorra e obtenha dicas de onde ir, oque fazer e como manter sua beleza interior e exterior. Bella Zadore e uma propriedade de Valeria Roncoli Studio.

As garotas Bella Zadore

As garotas Bella Zadore
Conheca as garotas da colecao Bella Zadore!

terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

What kind of Bella Girl are YOU!

Bella always says, "Every woman is a Goddess." We want every woman to understand that they are a Goddess and should love and embrace themselves and then the next thing you know we have Godesses everywhere feeling good and empowered to pursue whatever their hearts desire. Soon we will be debuting our Goddess Campaign, which will have it's own website with our featured "Goddesses" debuting every month sharing their tips on how to live a more goddess-like lifestyle. We will have fun facts about the Bella Girls. Each girl will have their own blog and expressing what is on their mind. All of that and much more. We're so excited we can't wait. However, leading up to the launch of the Goddess Campaign we would love to know what makes you a Goddess? And better yet, what Bella girl are you most like? Post your comments here on the blog or go to our discussion page on Facebook fan page, Bella Zadore.


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