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Criadas pela artista plastica Valeria Roncoli, Bella Zadore e uma colecao de 12 personagens para fazer voce pensar, rir e apreciar ser mulher. Explore o mundo de Bella percorra e obtenha dicas de onde ir, oque fazer e como manter sua beleza interior e exterior. Bella Zadore e uma propriedade de Valeria Roncoli Studio.

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As garotas Bella Zadore
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terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009

What happens in Vegas.........

We came, we saw and we just might have conquered. And everything that happened in Vegas we're going to tell you all about it! "Sin City" as the natives call it, was simply sublime. How could you not enjoy fashion shows three times a day, interactive gaming with the latest and greatest, big teletrons, restaurants in every direction, the House of Blues 5 minutes away and countless people to meet? Of course the appeal and excitement of rushing across town in New York still gets us amped up, but it was totally convienent with everything under one roof. Needless to say, we had a successful and playful trip. Soon, we hope to see new Bella products emerging from our time in Vegas and moving Bella down the east coast and beyond.


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